COMP1030, The Art of Computing class is offered in Semester 1 2017.

Here are a few things to help you know more about the class:

Archives of the 2015 and 2016 class sites can be found here and here.

Lab 9: Combinatorial Circuits Posted on 14 May, 2017

In this lab, you will use the Logisim tool, along with pen and paper, to analyse and create simple combinatorial circuits.

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Lab 8: Learning to diagnose - Machine learning with decision trees Posted on 26 Apr, 2017

This lab practice the ideas of recursive computation with tree structure and core concepts of machine learning, by learning a decision tree for diagnosing breast cancer. May 2014 ## Preface This tutorial is designed to support the _Topic 6: Machine Learning_ component of the upcoming Joy of Computing (JoC) course at ANU. It details a set of practical tasks that JoC students will undertake as part of the course in an interactive format.

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Lab 7: The Sentiment of a Superstorm Posted on 18 Apr, 2017

For this tutorial, we’ll explore how we can use social data (tweets from Twitter) to enrich our understanding of one of the most destructive hurricanes in US history: “Superstorm Sandy”.

The first part of this lab sheet contains reading material for both sentiment analysis and hashing, the second part contains the exercise questions. Skip directly to the practical part of you are impatient.

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Lab 6: Sequence alignment (with pointers) Posted on 21 Mar, 2017

This weeks lab is a practical test of algorithms based on “dynamic programming”, applied to one of the fundamental problems in bioinformatics. Determining Similarity One of the central problems pursued in bioinformatics is determining similarity between sequences of nucleotides or amino acids (the basic information that makes up our genetic structure). Similarity information is required to perform some typical tasks including: Using a given sequence of amino acids to infer a protein’s shape and function, and Finding all the genes and proteins in a given genome.

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Lab 5: Solving Sudoku Posted on 15 Mar, 2017

In this lab, we explore how reasoning, and figuring things out by trial-and-error, can be coded as an algorithm, and use it to solve Sudoku puzzles. Sudoku: The search for a solution The most well known form of a sudoku puzzle is a 9-by-9 grid in which the numbers 1-9 must be placed such that each row, column and 3-by-3 box contains exactly one of each of the 9 digits.

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Lab 4: Recursion Posted on 2 Mar, 2017

This week we will practice recursion – with Karel, and with a special-purpose calculator.

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Course Mechanics -- Important Posted on 15 Feb, 2017

This document summarizes the logistics for participating in Art of Computing and getting credit for it.

All registered student need to read and understand all the content (and information it links to) here. Comments and changes will be incorporated up until the 2nd week of semester.

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Grading Scheme Posted on 8 Feb, 2017

Q: How will I be graded in this class?
A: 50% assignments, best-(N-1)-out-of-N; 5% weekly exercise problems; 45% final exam – required, is a grading hurdle, see below. The rest of this post specifies details.

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Lab 3: Make Your Computer Sing (tunes) and Talk (nonsense) Posted on 1 Feb, 2017

This week, Snap will sing and talk! – all using the notion of lists and arrays learned this week.

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Lab 1: Karel the Robot Posted on 15 Jan, 2017

Lab 1: Programming Karel First, open Snap with Karel, in a new tab or window so that you can do the lab exercises and continue reading these instructions at the same time. Slow to load? Loading the page can take some time - anywhere from 20 seconds to 5 minutes. Exactly how long it takes depends on which browser you’re using and the computer you’re on. We recommend using an up-to-date version of the chromium (chrome) browser, but we have tested Snap!

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